Sweet Potato Home Fries

12 Jul
Before getting pregnant the thought of breakfast foods literally turned my stomach most of my life. I always skipped that meal and opted for a snack, a big lunch, and a reasonable dinner. But I knew once my morning sickness subsided I was going to have to bite the bullet and fuel up properly for my little peanut.
I started out eating oatmeal and fruit but suddenly I was craving bacon. All I could think about was bacon and pancakes, bacon and cheese bagels from Dunkin’ Donuts, and then The BACON SUPERMELT. This was my favorite ever and anytime I had an appointment at my doctors we would stop in Friendly’s so I could get one. This is probably the reason why I am fat but let me just say it was glorious. (this IS the reason. I just looked and that’s 1300 calories zOMG)

Eggs, bacon, tomato, and cheese on grilled sourdough bread with a side of home fries = amazing. I fell in love with the home fries. I could eat them all day but they aren’t exactly healthy considering all the butter and grease they are cooked in.

That’s why I decided to try my hand at these little potato cubes of goodness. Enter: Sweet Potato Home Fries! They’re only 160 calories and contain more nutrients than your average white potato. They are also toddler approved. And glorious crispy bacon may or may not have been involved in this concoction.
Be Still My Heart!


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