Track Workouts

12 Jul

I don’t think I’ve run on a track since high school gym class and timed miles. No, I take that back one time in college my BFF and I set out to run 5k. After a mile we realized Daiquiris were A LOT better than running in the North Carolina heat so we never went back.

So this week marks my first return to a track in 4 years. My mom and I decided to head to the track for a run and after a mile, I again realized this is NOT my cup of tea. Running around in a circle makes me feel like a hamster. I need stimulation, I need new surroundings, I need to see how fast I can run to the next mailbox, I need to see people cutting their grass etc etc. Despite, being bored out my mind I pushed through and knocked out a 5k, with minimal walking breaks! I’m not sure I’ll be back (ever) again.

Track Pros:
I know how far I’ve gone without killing my battery trying to use run keeper???
I’ll get back to this

Track Cons: 
too early in the morning = crowded with elderly people
cool evenings (7-9pm) = crowded with children running the wrong way and families
constantly having to change lanes and dodge people


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