Running and Spontaneous Combustion

19 Jul

It is HOT out. So hot I don’t advise anyone to leave the comfort of an ACfor the next few days. Believe me, I made that mistake already.

I foolishly decided to go for a run in the dead of afternoon and was indisbelief when my body did not spontaneously combust. Noon was the only time Icould get someone to watch the kiddo so it was then or never.

At first the run started off amazing. I was pumped, jamming to The Killers,and feeling great. Then 5 minutes later I was dripping with sweat, burning myeyes and blinding me. It hurt to breathe and my legs were beginning to feellike lead. I took a couple walking breaks and trekked on at a slow 13:15 pace. Ionly covered 2 miles but that was enough.

I will never run in the afternoon in this weather again. NEVER EVER, EVER!It scares me that this is supposed to be the coolest day for the next 4 days.

After the awful run I decided that I couldn’t possiblyturn on the oven and roast a chicken so my father offered to grill my wholechicken. Win! Food grilled over hot coals is always good. I don’t care whatHank Hill says; I’m not a fan of lady propane at all. Give me non-clean burningcharcoal any day. 

Grilled chicken, sauteed farmers market kale w/ garlic, and grilled corn on the cob from the farmers market! A little watermelon for dessert makes for a happy tummy. 



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