A Morning Stroll and Progress

20 Jul

I started the morning off with a 6 AM wake up and the snooze button. The urge to stay curled up in bed was strong, unbelievable strong.

Eventually, I made it out of bed and by 6:25 the little guy and I were dressed and waiting on his grandmother who wanted to join. 

My plan was to walk 4 miles with 5 minutes of walking followed by 1:30 bursts of sprinting. Just something fun to spice up the walk and get more out of it (calories burned wise). The weather was amazing and my mother and I had fun gabbing and she had fun making comments like “you look skinny from the back”.

In the end we made it back to our start point in a little over an hour and thanks to Run Keeper I found out the new route was 3.68 miles, not four.

After the walk, I came back and downed a Zico Pineapple flavored Coconut water.

This is the only brand that doesn’t repulse me.. Next I did a 10 minutes of arm exercises and 10 minutes of butt exercises thanks to some newly downloaded iPhone apps. I could definitely feel the burn with them. .

Oh, and BTW I’m down a pound since Sunday!!! Hopefully, my body is coming out of this plateau.

Have you ever been stuck at a weight loss plateau? How did you push through?


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