The Weekend Rundown

24 Jul

Yesterday, the 5k plan required 1.5 mile run but instead I made it a rest day. I just didn’t have time to run before it got too hot. Instead I woke up early for a different reason, BERRY PICKING!

I have to say berry picking should be a workout. My Fitness Pal should add it to their database because I was working up a sweat chasing my little rascal who kept taking blueberries out of our bucket and dropping them in others buckets. When he finally tired himself I wore him in the Boba Carrier for awhile.


Walking around crouching down to grab fruit with a 27 pound baby strapped to your back has to burn some type of calories. So I considered that my activity of the day.

I moved the 1.5 mile run to this morning instead of the schedule walk. It wasn’t too hot so I pushed on and did 2.5 miles in 28 minutes. Now, I’m going to work on the Berry picking post and hit up my favorite place Target.

Have a wonderful day!


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