6 week 6 pack

27 Jul

Around 11 AM, I finally snapped out of my tired state. It was a pretty hard feat considering I had no coffee or refreshing smoothie to aid.

At noon I took Little Man on a walk because the counter top installers had arrived and he was getting in the way while 400 pound slabs of stone were being carried up the stairs.

We walked 2 miles with my sister to the park//pool but by the time we arrived he was sleep.

So we admired the pond ourselves, scoped out the splash pad that finally is back up and running, and continued on our way. Our walk lasted 1 hour and 26 minutes and spanned 4.6 miles.

My legs were sore from the hills on our way back but it was a good burn. I refueled with fresh fruit from our berry picking trip and an open face pb&j sandwich.

Then my crazy self busted out the Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack DVD and did level one.

This is an old favorite and I love the way this makes my abs feel! It also helped me feel better about the cheese pizza I will be eating since we still have no use of the kitchen (counter tops must dry 24+ hours, plumbing and stove are still disconnected).


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