Kitchen Remodels

28 Jul

Construction on our kitchen first started in June. The demolition and the installation of new cabinets went pretty fast and for the next month and a half I was forced to attempt gourmet meals in a kitchen with no counter space whatsoever.

Apparently custom counters is some high tech feat, large measurement calculating machines that shoot laser beams are used. I wish I had pictures of the gadgets but sadly I don’t.

Then from the time the measurements for taken (exactly 3.5 weeks ago) the counter tops were finally installed yesterday afternoon. Only thing is they take 48 hours to set. So still no kitchen for me. Now there is a tiler creating a back splash…who knows how long that will take since it’s one guy. I’m sure it will take forever and a day to dry as well.

Lastly, the painter will come and paint the remaining walls and trim. I can’t wait because I really want to cook. I crave the sound of the burners clicking and have recipes floating around in my head.

I’m getting pretty tired of eating cereal and blueberries.

I hope I don’t gain 50928723892 pounds from eating take out.

What are your favorite healthy take out foods? 


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