Longhorn Kinda Night

28 Jul

The kitchen is still not in order so dinner was at my favorite place ever Longhorn Steakhouse. That place is totally yummy for a chain restaurant. It is also a great place for birthday dinners, college graduation dinners, and telling people you’re pregnant. Seriously, it’s an all occasion place. 

Today 7/28

I skipped my favorite appetizer ever (Wild West Shrimp) because a serving is like 760 calories that I don’t need. Instead I had one slice of the crusty bread sans butter and the mixed greens salad with dressing on the side. The croutons, tomatoes, and onions were all eaten by Little Man. He is going through this obsession with salad right now. He loves them. He especially loves raw onions…weird right for a kid. Seriously though, I sometimes catch him standing in the fridge taking a bite out of an onion like it’s an apple.

For my entree I ordered the grilled salmon with mixed veggies and instead of the rice I subbed a baked sweet potato (sans butter and sugar). It was soo good. Their sweet potatoes taste amazing without anything on them. M and I used to come here when Little Man was just starting solids and we would order him a baked sweet potato. 

After that I went to Barnes and Noble since I was in the area and picked up the new Runners World and Mama Peas book Peas and Thank You: Simple Meatless Meals The Whole Family Will Enjoy. I’m already obsessed with this book. It’s funny, the pictures are gorgeous, and I cannot wait until the kitchen is complete so I can tackle the recipes. Plus, I’m dying to make something for M because he is a die hard meat person. He hates everything healthy and his idea of veggies are ones that swim in a bath of butter or salads that are loaded with chicken, cheese, and Cesar dressing.


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