A Day in Goshen

31 Jul

Today is officially a rest day. I don’t remember the last time I gave my body a breather and it is definitely aching for one as we speak after a day like yesterday.

Yesterday, was jam packed with an early morning bike + 1 mile run and then the afternoon spent at the CT Wine Festival and Zoo. All the sun and possibly the alcohol (only had a few sips) had me dehydrated even though  I was chugging water all day.

Speaking of the wine festival, I don’t really think it was my style. I much rather go back to the individual vineyards for a tasting that have to deal with the crowds of sloppy drunk middle aged people. I mean it’s pretty ridiculous that some of these old people were more inconsiderate and belligerent than people in their twenties.

Heat, crowds, and slow moving lines of people who stayed at the front of the tasting tables taking sip after sip after sip and never moving so that others could try, made for an annoying day. I literally had to fight through and stick my glass out just to get a pour. It definitely would have been better if they shooed some people away after their 10th or 12th sip from the SAME wine. At that point you need to buy a glass or a bottle and be on your way.  This was my first wine festival so maybe I’m missing something but I don’t think drinking enough sips to equal 3 glasses is protocol for this type of event.

Anyway, I tasted a Rose and Riesling I loved and got the info for the two vineyards so I can go for a tasting there. After that I we browsed the craft and food vendors and I picked up two colorful friendship bracelets (my obsession) before we left for the zoo.

We passed a zoo on our way to the festival it was about a mile away so since I bought Little Man to the festival and a zoo is on our summer bucket list we stopped.

Sidenote: I feel weird drinking if he’s with me. Like even if I have just one glass of wine or a beer at a restaurant I feel secretly judged so it was kind of weird bringing him even though tons of people were pushing strollers and wearing babies.

Now back to the zoo. The place was called Action Wildlife Foundation. It was nice. There was a lot of land, a museum, a huge playground, a petting zoo, and a “safari”. You could either drive through and look at the animals or walk. We opted to walk the main part of the zoo (killer workout) and drive through the safari.

We saw goats…

and rheas…

and Bison…

deer that looked like bambi…

this random animal…


more goats….even more goats.

Despite my dislike of zoos and zebras living in New England (apprently the animals all adapt to the cold…) it was a good trip. Little Man had a blast feeding the goat, looking at all the animals, playing on the playground

and running up and down the numerous hills. Ohhh how there were hills. By the time we were ready to go my calves and back were killing me. I’m not used to babywearing anymore.

Going to work on getting my eats back on track today. The heat really messed with my body. I went through the day with a chocolate brownie cliff bar, a smoothie, and a cube of cheese and a lot of grapes. When I got back home I had some pasta salad and a leftover black bean burger made using the recipe in Mama Pea book Peas and Thank You.

They are ahhhmazing. I’ve eaten too few calories especially with all the working out and walking I’ve done but my body is telling me WATER, WATER, WATER.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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