Cleaning House and Other Musings

9 Aug

It feels like forever since I logged in and that makes me sad. Oh, well. I’ve been up to some fun things like getting a brand new iphone 4!  I had been holding out until the iphone 5 is released but when my 3Gs finally went kaput and I had to use my upgrade sooner rather than later.

Side note. I’m one of those crazy obsessive iphone people. I used to be team blackberry but after spending 80% of my day pulling my battery and constantly dealing with replacements that still didn’t work I went team iphone and never looked back.

I wanted the iphone so bad I bought the 3G 5 days before the 3Gs came out because I couldn’t wait.  Then when the 3Gs came out I stood in line with my big ol pregnant belly at 4AM so I could exchange my 3G for the 3Gs since you get 30 days.  Patience is not my strong suit and neither is not having the latest and greastest techno gear. Ok, actually since I’m a mom now I’ve improved. My patience is high and I can’t afford the constantly changing techno gear so moving on.

We spent the weekend at Misquamicut Beach which is one of my favorite beaches around this area. The waves are HUGE there and the sand is actually sand and not pebbles and jagged rocks like some of the beaches around here.

I’m in the process of transferring all my pics so there will be a post on that soon.

And last but not least my eats have been less than stellar the past 3 days. I have been putting off grocery shopping so the last few days I have been snacking and dibbling on the most random things instead of eating meals. I’ve ate PB&J toast, a couple lara bars, handfuls of cherries, a bowl of the last remaining oatmeal, 2 mini snickers bars, roasted veggies, a random bottle of pink lemonade. Yeah, I suck but I made sure my son ate balanced meals so that should count for something.

I also haven’t worked out since Sunday because Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism kicked my ass again and then I got lazy. So I guess the only activity I’ve done is a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood with my little guy.

I’m super tired and this post is long and boring so I’m off to bed! Goodnight.



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