Taking It Slow…Real Slow

25 Aug

I’m still taking it slow with my knee.  Instead of full on workouts I’ve been focusing on short walks and spending extra time chasing around my son.

Today, we went on a walks sans stroller. I’d like to call this Follow The Toddler. You basically let them guide you and try to keep up.  These walks usually involve lots of back tracking, starting and stopping, wanting to be carried, admiring flowers, picking up rocks, and chatting with people along the way.

It was big fun for the little guy and not so much fun for mommy.  The weather was hot and muggy with rain off and on.  Normally, I wouldn’t care but my freshly straightened hair shed a few tears.

By the end of the walk I was a crazy looking lady with raccoon eyes (hello day old mascara) and an ever expanding afro puff. I think I scared the mail man.

Hopefully, I can salvage my hair.  I also promise I’m not hair obsessed anymore. It’s just I was so excited because it grew a lot since the last time I saw it straight back in April.  See look…

Also don’t mind the no makeup tired looking face and I promise that isn’t a hairstyle. I straighten my hair in 4 sections so the top bun is actually two of the sections pinned up. 

Guess you can’t tell since you didn’t see a before but I promise I’ll do a hair post since it seems like people are still using the tired excuse “I can’t exercise cuz I’ll sweat my hair out” womp womp people.

On that note goodnight.


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