Me, Myself, and Irene

30 Aug

I am very grateful we weren’t affected too much by Irene.  Although we experienced rain and wind it wasn’t bad at all.  In fact we actually went for a walk during the storm and played outside for a bit.

Sadly, people a couple towns over and people on the shore had to deal with massive flooding and power outages.

We only lost cable and internet.

Irene also caused my favorite news station (WFSB, I like them the best if only for the off the wall gay weatherman) to lose power and hilarity ensued.

I’m talking about them drawing on poster board and using paper maps of CT and dry erase markers. Too Funny.

Lastly, Irene is the reason why I am missing a CD that I need for school. I have an assignment due Thursday by 11:59 and the bookstore doesn’t have any “because of Irene our shipment never came in”.

Oh, and by the way I’m back in school AGAIN. It’s so weird. I’m nervous because I feel like it’s been ages.  I’ll make another post about this but for now I’m trying to track down a CD maybe from another schools bookstore.


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