Then and Now

4 Sep

This morning was my first run post knee injury. I have to say it feels good to be really running again. I’ve only done walks and slow jogging with the stroller, so to be on the safe side I wore my knee sleeve and experienced no pain whatsoever!

I did the outdoor speed workout I saw on Fit Sugar.

5 minute warmup walk

3 minutes at 5k pace

3 minute jog

2 minutes 5k pace

2 minute jog

1 minute fast. not a sprint but a sustainable pace.

1 minute jog

and then you repeat.

It’s a 34 minute workout.

I just inputted it into my RunKeeper app and was golden. It’s a great burn plus it mixes things up a bit so I’m not just running same pace day in day out type of deal.

Lastly, I have a quick comparison pic from May 15, 2010 and today. I happened to be wearing the same outfit so I figured I’d snap a pic.


Also the pic is from right after my first 5k. I ordered a size medium mens shirt but actually received a medium women’s and it was obviously super tight and short with my c-section pouch and baby gut holding it up ehh. Now it’s just right.

I’m off to nap, clean, and do homework in that order.


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