So Long Sweet Summer

8 Sep

So long sweet summer

I stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays

So long sweet summer

I fell into you now your gracefully falling away

~ Age Six Racer Dashboard Confessional

Even though the weather is cold and dreary right now I’m loving it. The perfect weather to chill in a comfy hoodie and listen to horribly emo songs. Hints the beginning of this post.

It is also the perfect day for your first pumpkin spice latte of the season. So wonderful just like I remember.

The latte was perfect fuel for my 3 hour chemistry lab.  I was a bit nervous going in because it has been A LONG LONG time since I’ve done any science and math. I already have a quiz on Monday that I’m not entirely prepared for.

Aside from all that it didn’t go so bad. My lab partner was chill and we had a good work vibe going on. When I didn’t know something she did and when she didn’t know something I did.  It wasn’t too complicated as it was a basic lab just to get us familiar with using the Bunsen burners, taking measurements, and performing simple equations.

The biggest issue we faced was our Burner would not light. We tried everything and then had to call for reinforcements A.K.A. our professor, who after a few minutes of tinkering fixed the thing. We all have no idea what was up.

Now, I’m going to try and nap since I’ve been up since 6 AM. Hopefully, I wake up refreshed and ready to study so I can kick this quizzes little booty!!!


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