Healthy Mommy, Happy Baby

11 Sep

If you didn’t already know, I’m an iphone addict. Hello, I use instgram more than I break out my own camera. Sad huh?

Well, besides taking a billion instagram pics I do use other apps. The Popsugar app provides my daily doese of celeb, fashion, tech, beauty, and fitness news.

This weekend I stumbled upon the article, “How Being a Mom Improves Your Health”, on fitsugar. You can head over to their site and check it out but I just wanted to say, that I most definitely agree.

Since becoming a mother I am in the best health of my life. I may not be a size 4 anymore but I can run without getting tired, dizzy, or feeling the need to puke.

I played soccer and field hockey growing up and lets just say a lot of the time I felt like absolute poo going out there. It wasn’t that I couldn’t run but it was the fact I was fueling my body with awful foods. I was skipping meals like breakfast and lunch and when I was eating I was stuffing my face with fries, ice cream (my first job was at dairy queen), candy, and taco bell. 

These habits carried over to college where I attended events with my friends for the sole purpose of eating free food. The cafeteria was awful and to avoid it or eating ramen the 20th day in a row this is what we did. Along with that I apparently thought I was one of the guys and while they slung back whole grande meals in one sitting I knocked out 2 burritos and a caramel apple empanada.  I probably consumed 1 million calories since I know for fact I drank my weight in alcohol before any of the late night eating happened.

Along with over eating I was on the non existent workout plan. The most exercise I got was walking to class and my dorm was crazy close so I guess that counts for nothing. When I would hit the gym my friend and I would reward ourselves with a greasy grilled cheese or chicken tender combo from the Underground (our campus grill) that was conveniently right across from the gym. Rewarding our efforts right?

When I found out I was pregnant everything changed. I was eating for two now. Not in the sense that I was going to eat double the amount of food but in the sense that whatever I eat is going to affect my child and his health. It was during this time I started eating breakfasts and lunch and adding snacks to my diet.

Upon waking up I’d have a bowl of whole grain cereal or oatmeal and I’d snack on fruits and veggies. There were the occasional times I’d eat breakfast at my favorite breakfast spot and if I knew that 2 pancakes were a little under 1100 calories I probably would not have done that. Hindsight is 20/20 right?

Along with eating more and better quality foods I started being active. Since I was pregnant I couldn’t just start a whole fitness routine but we went on daily walks as a couple and I took prenatal yoga. It was fun just to get my body moving. Now we still take those walks toddler in toe. We walk at least 2.5 miles everyday. I don’t think I’ve walked that much since learning how to drive.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m glad I’m a mom. Even though becoming healthier may have started off as pure vanity, it’s become a lifestyle. I strive to be active, eat a balanced diet and be an example for my son. I hope everyone else can reach this turning point before there’s a bun in the oven.


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