Study Study Study Cram Cram Cram

18 Sep

Tomorrow is quiz numero dos in my chemistry class tomorrow and I’m not excited whatsoever. It’s not that having quizzes excite me (they don’t at all) but last week I went in thinking I’m going to kick chems booty and this week I can’t seem to get into it.

Chem is just uninteresting to me. My attention span is too short to pay attention to these boring experiments regarding foils, radiations, and rays. My mind wanders easily. I keep telling myself to hunker down and get through it because I NEED this class before I can start achieving my real goals. I’m not sure the pep talk is working right now.

So far I’ve done a round of practice problems for the first 3 sections the quiz is on. I’ve gone over some note cards and reread notes + lecture slides. I took a nap (I know, I know, very productive). I listened to a lot of emo music circa late 90s-2004 on Now I’m wasting time writing a blog post.

Thankfully, the exam is multiple choice because at least I’ll have some idea of an answer right? I’ll keep telling myself that.

Do you have tips on how to focus? Is there any class you’ve taken that you couldn’t get into? 

I’m going to get back at it. Hopefully, I don’t fall asleep.


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