Operation Healthy Toddler

22 Sep

Today starts day one of Operation Healthy Toddler.  The name, very very lame but the goal an important one.

It seems  my son has entered the picky eating phase once again.  He hates everything he used to like EXCEPT kale. You see, in this house we could never not eat kale that’s sacrilegious or something and he knows better.

But when sauteed kale, kale chips, or kale salad is not on the menu he couldn’t be bothered with what I cook. His new favorite foods are Cheetos, gum drops,  graham crackers and McDonald’s smoothies. I kid you not.

Most of you don’t know me but from the title of this blog or reading just one post you can deduce that these are not Kim approved foods.  Well, graham crackers are fine but the rest not so much.

This obviously is the work of grandparents. Hi MOM, I’m looking at you!!! Everyone knows grandparents give you whatever you want. My grandma still stuffs me full of ice cream, soda, BBQ and What a Burger when I visit her and I couldn’t be happier…but that’s like once a year and it’s all food I can only get in Texas.

Anyway, today’s menu features awesome roasted chick pea tacos via Peas and Thank You Blog. I seriously, love this site and her cookbook. It’s so far the ONLY blog and cookbook that everything I’ve made is delicious!

Roasted Chick Pea Tacos (Salad in this case)

Happy toddler with a full tummy and happy mama because he ate something other than bright orange, artificially colored, and flavored puffs ehhh.
Stay tuned for my homemade chicken noodle soup recipe later. It’s what’s for dinner.



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