Saturday As Usual

24 Sep

I need to get back on track. This week was filled with lots of fruits and veggies but even more chocolate and sugar.

I’ve ate tons of fun size milky ways, I had fries and potato wedges, ice cream, and chocolate frosted donuts from Dunkin Donuts. Oh, and I tried their new hot apple cider which was a total sugar high. It gave me the biggest headache ever. No bueno.

I blame mother nature though. You know what time it is when you’re eating like that. I might have eaten a small child’s worth of chocolate and I didn’t even work out, unless you want to count when I hooked up my mom’s wii for her. I had to test it you know? The stupid thing said my fitness age was 73. That’s a big lie. I’m in shape. I’m just not coordinated.

Right now I’m up trying to hang in there and get in a few hours more of studying. Last week. I couldn’t concentrate and it showed. I barely passed my test. This week I’ve been doing a little bit each day so I’m hoping to get back to the A and B range.



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