The Past Week

2 Oct

It has been a week since I’ve posted. Life has just taken over. I have to say with a toddler and classes I don’t always have much time to think out blog posts.  I couldn’t imagine going to school full time, with a full time job, and kids. There’s a lot of SUPER WOMEN out there!

Seriously, in theory I thought I’d be able to get some breaks to let loose by cramming but it just doesn’t work for me these days. I can’t believe I used to study, get drunk, and then study some more in the morning and get A’s.  I guess that’s a perk of being young and childless.  If you remembered I tried cramming minus the drunk part and it didn’t go so well. I barely passed.

Lesson Learned. Since then I’ve really been hitting the books and devoting a little time each day to studying. So far it’s been working.

I did find time this weekend to go to the fair (it was the last weekend) and catch up with my BFF over margaritas. Can you believe we haven’t hung out since May. That is crazy, crazy, crazy stuff.  Obviously I’m very unBFF like.

Anyway, just wanted to check in. My two hardest tests are tomorrow so after that’s over I’ll probably have a little time to update about the fair.

Goodnight Ya’ll





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