The Big E

6 Oct

Besides drinking cider and pumpkin spice lattes, I’ve somehow managed to cross another thing off my Fall 2011 Bucket List, WE WENT TO THE BIG E!!!

I have been waiting 20+ years to go here. I know it’s very sad. I feel I was deprived as a child.  All the years I sat in the classroom just me, the Jehovah’s witness boy, and the teacher while everyone else rode rides, played games, and ate deliciously fattening foods with their parents. No, I’m not bitter! I just happened to be born to parents who feel missing school is not an option…unless you’re missing it to attend their college reunion. Anyway…

I had lots of fun pigging out on bad for you foods. I’m a health nut but I’m also about indulging in moderation. The Big E was not about moderation or health my friends. I needed to experience everything.

So corn dogs, funnel cakes, butter and cheese loaded baked potatoes, local maple syrup cotton candy, fresh squeezed lemonade in giant novelty cups, FRIED PICKLES, it was all soo good. If the fried Oreos and Fried Kool Aid did not come in a huge basket, believe me I would have ate them too.

Other highlights of the day were the pony Little Man begged to ride and then $5 later screamed bloody murder to take him off.

I had high hopes that we would ride the carousel, the train, and the little kid roller coaster but he wasn’t having it. Again screaming and crying ensued.

We decided to explore the state buildings. Here is my favorite state

I don’t know why everyone here is so down on it. I guess you don’t know what you’re missing until you leave. The main attraction here the LEGO booth.

I’m their biggest fan. I love those brightly colored blocks and will fully admit to attending Lego camp as a child. And if it wasn’t apparent that Lego has a headquarters in CT then it should be now!

Little Man enjoyed the kiddie lego table until he saw a Little Boy with the same Lighting McQueen race car he lost. He stared the boy down and then tried to grab it I kid you not. That is when the biggest meltdown of the day happened and I hightailed it out of there.


Other Highlights

The Maine potato is NOT worth the wait. It’s just a potato people. It didn’t taste spectacular, I don’t know why it is highly recommended.

I won Little Man a prize, redeeming myself from last year’s Dixie Classic Fair disaster when the guy felt so bad he just gave us the prize.

You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten Fried Pickles and they were totally worth the AWFUL stop and go and standstill traffic.


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