Hair School….Hair & School

26 Oct

Can we talk about the terrible twos? They most definitely are in full effect around these parts. The whining, the tantrums, the running away and yelling “hahaha” during diaper changes. It’s enough to make you pull you’re hair out.

A toddler who thinks he’s running the show coupled with school and homework makes for a terribly stressed out mommy. Thankfully, I’m getting through it.

We got our midterm grades and I’m doing pretty good. An 83 so far in Chemistry and a 94.87 in Nutrition!!! Speaking of chemistry, I have no confidence in that class. I went in there hoping and praying I’d get a grade just high enough to pass without taking it again (74ish) and each step of the way I’m succeeding my expectations.

I really don’t believe in myself in regards to this class and I don’t know how to change it. We had a quiz this past Monday and I kind of understood the material. I went over my notes and did some sample problems and that was it. We were handed the quiz and I looked over it in terror. OMG I can’t do this. The equations, the multiple choice, it looked foreign to me but I tried to remember and did my best with the exception of one problem I skipped all together because I could only get part of the formula out of my brain. 

Today as our professor handed back the quizzes he said we would be allowed to bring in one index card full of notes on the formulas for the exam Monday because people were basically pulling shit out of their ass. I knew I was in this group. Yup, making up things I’m good for that. But to my surprise I got a perfect score on every problem except the 3 points I lost for the one I skipped. I couldn’t believe it. All the equations were correct! Seriously, I’m still in shocked.

I’m going to try hard this weekend to give myself an extra boost of confidence.

Also I changed my hair. Hair 

Long and straight no relaxer. To relaxer with bangs and lots of hair chopped off. I’m not scared of the scissors these days. I know my hair grows back! It’s just hair. To the third pic is the same bangs side swept and I have on makeup.

Do you like???

I needed a change.


2 Responses to “Hair School….Hair & School”

  1. YUMMommy October 27, 2011 at 1:32 PM #

    Loving the bangs. They really transformed your whole look. I’ve been thinking about experimenting with some hair color lately. Still on the fence though.

    • healthhappinesskale October 29, 2011 at 3:48 PM #

      thanks! I was thinking about getting color for 2 years but the last time I colored my hair in 2004 it became dry and started breaking off now matter how much I kept it moisturized and conditioned. I always think a change is nice though especially with a kiddo it’s like something fun to do for yourself.

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