Baby It’s Cold Inside

1 Nov

For those of you who don’t know it snowed in CT in OCTOBER. And it didn’t just snow IT SNOWED. I’m talking full on winter here. What made it bad was the leaves haven’t fell off the trees causing them to become weighed down and snap.

Halloween was cancelled in our town. No trick or treating allowed. No Halloween festival for the kids in the center. It’s not safe out there. It looks like a disaster zone trees down and power lines down everywhere thankfully the snow has melted so the roads aren’t bad…unless you come across a tree or live wire that wasn’t discovered yet.

We haven’t had power for 3 days and according to the radio our town was one of the hardest hit.


We’ve been managing now with lots of blankets, fire, our stove happens to be gas so we can cook, and our community center is being used as a place to shower, charge your phone, eat, etc.

About that community center, I went yesterday and a man tried to pick me up. I looked like a bag lady and I’m pretty sure he was married. Ewww

Anyway the cell towers where I am are down so I’m blogging at Whole Foods in another town…the whole foods plaza has food & power!!!

Stay safe everyone



One Response to “Baby It’s Cold Inside”

  1. yummommy November 1, 2011 at 10:42 PM #

    Praying that you guys get power soon.

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