What We’ve Been Up To

16 Nov

Long time no post.

My body is so out of wack right now and I can’t seem to get back to myself. Having no power for a week and then having it come back on and then go off again a few days later really showed me how heavily my body relies on it.

Since the power outages I’m not sleeping that well. In fact I stayed awake 2 straight days watching all 4 seasons of Mad Men via Netflix until my son woke up. I think all that going to bed as soon as it got dark messed me up. Also not eating enough vegetables since our food went bad, and lastly not being able to run. I rely on running outside but with the power lines and trees down and in the road that didn’t happen…speaking of that there are STILL lines down and trees in the roads and on the sidewalks.

I’m going to try to come up with a vegetable based recipe over the weekend to post here.

Until then enjoy pics from life these past few weeks.








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