9 Jan

Everyone who knows me knows I love Target. I don’t think I’ve gone a week without stopping in that store especially with Starbucks in there. It’s like crack and they know it. You could be going in there to buy a toothbrush and end up spending $100 easily.

On one of those I’m just going to buy baby wipes and conditioner trips, they suckered me in yet again.

It started with Valentines Day gift bags in the dollar bin and ended with Chobani.

Chobani is one of my favorite Greek Yogurts and Target always has flavors the grocery store doesn’t have.

When I saw Blood Orange, Passion Fruit, and Apple Cinnamon I had to try even though they are a bit pricier.


Yummy! I love all the flavors especially Blood Orange. In fact this morning I topped off my pancakes with the apple cinnamon.

Very Good. I don’t even remember the last time I made pancakes. I’m too lazy these days and it just seems daunting for a non morning person like myself.

Whole Wheat Pancakes + Banana + cinnamon Apple Chobani + Morning Coffee.

Have A Great Day

FYI: I totally forgot to post this the other day. Today’s breakfast was a piece of birthday cake ( I know, I know) but as my BFF says you only turn 25 once haha.


One Response to “Tarjay”

  1. YUMMommy January 14, 2012 at 11:49 AM #

    The pancake looks yummy! I’ve been wanting to try some Greek yogurt for a while. So, I might give this Chobani a try.

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