Zumba Obsession

28 Feb

I love how I created this post and my computer just died before I could plug in my charger.


Recently I’ve become obsessed with Zumba. It started 2 weeks ago when my mom purchased the Zumba 2 game for wii.

Not only am I a loving daughter but I am also a tester and figure outer for my mother. Any new gadget she gets is handed over to me to test out or figure out how to use and explain it to her. She can’t be bothered with reading the directions lol.

So I’ve been Zumba-ing my little heart out every day and I love it. I’ve gone to live classes when I still had my gym membership but it wasn’t for me. The set up of my gym was not ideal. The classes were held in an all glass room well, it was class on 3 out of four sides. The other side was all mirrors. The location of this glass room was in the middle of the weights so all the “juice heads” a.k.a. wannabe Jersey Shore cast mates could stare. This led to a class of girls wearing nearly nothing and shaking it a little too hard. Not my thing at all.

Anyway, like I said I’m obsessed with Zumba. I easily burn 500+ calories in 35 minutes (according to my heart rate monitor). The public is also spared from seeing me in shorts that may be a little too short, sweats that have seen their last days, and pajamas…that’s until tonight.

One of my good friends has convinced me to sign up for Zumba at the community center with her and it starts tonight. Yes, I’ll be unleashing my uncoordinated and lack of rhythm self on the world or whatever people in this town are as obsessed with Zumba as me.

I love this. I have 98% accuracy on this dance in the game.


Until Later!


One Response to “Zumba Obsession”

  1. YUMMommy February 29, 2012 at 10:04 AM #

    I want to try Zuma. In the privacy of home of course until I.get the hang of it. I wonder if they make a playstation version?

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