29 Feb

Last night was my first Zumba class at the community center and it turned out to be a really great time. It definitely put my previous Zumba experiences at the gym to shame.

My friend and I got the time mixed up so we ended up there rather early and got to chat with the instructor. She was very friendly and personable which was nice, considering I was probably going to make a jackass of myself.

The class size was very small compared to what I was used to at the gym (barely any room to move) but it worked. I had a lot of fun and sweated my booty off to a mixture of contemporary songs (on the radio right now) and Latin music. I love a lot of those songs but sometimes hearing things you listen to all the time helps you get in the spirit more.

Some of the pros of the class were I picked up the moves fairly easily which I have to thank my recent obsession with the wii and youtube. The fact that the class was a diverse group of older women, mother daughters, and younger women was great too. Nobody was trying to impress anyone or out dance people or came looking like Jersey Shore or a stripper audition.

I’m hoping to tell more of my friends about this so the town won’t cancel it. That would suck.


Total Workout: 60 mins 9 secs

Average Heart Rate: 160 bpm

Maximum Heart Rate: 181 bpm

Total Cals Burned: 687 cals

And just incase anyone wants to know how many calories you burn this is a really good site. When I plugged in my stats it said I would burn 688 cals…definitely right on the money.


One Response to “Zumba”

  1. YUMMommy March 1, 2012 at 7:00 PM #

    Glad you enjoyed this setting better. Hopefully, more will join so that it won’t get cancelled.

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