Got My Booty in Gear

25 May

With school out I’ve finally got my butt back in gear when it comes to working out. For weeks I’ve been a hermit who just stayed inside memorizing bio terms and working out chem equations. I didn’t feel like working out when I was sleeping, eating, and breathing science. All that work definitely paid off for bio, chem was a little shaky but still good.

Anyway, I’m back to running. I changed my route to avoid the house with the pit bull and so far everything has been bueno! Right now my routine has been run 3x a week, zumba 2x a week, and sometimes I’ll throw in a random DVD workout on the remaining days.

I’ll just leave you with a look at what I’ve been up to so in recent weeks:

3 mile run

Post Workout Smoothie

Roasted Potato + Salad


Reason why I love my heart rate monitor. Iphone app 301 cals burned. HRM 401 cals! 10:10 mile. avg pace 10:30 definitely need to get my speed back up.


Shrimp & Veggie Stir Fry

Fresh green beans w/ earth balance garlic & almonds.

Subway = Food on the go! Turkey w/ tons of veggies & a little mustard.


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