My Story

At 241 pounds I was my heaviest. I had NEVER been overweight in my life but when you gain god only knows how many pounds during college and become pregnant directly after, you’re not exactly going to be at a healthy weight. So eight weeks after giving birth to my son I got the approval from my doctor to begin an exercise regime. I immediately joined a gym and began going 6 days a week for an hour and a half. At first it was fun people watching from the machines but I soon realized this wasn’t for me. I hated being cooped up inside.


I decided enough was enough. I wanted to get back in shape but not like this. I hated the mindless, repetitive movement on the machines day after day. So one cold February morning, I found it in me to bundle up, lace up my sneakers and hit the pavement. I never felt so liberated in my life. It was like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. I had time to think and stew in my own thoughts. There was no arguing with M, no crying baby, just peace of mind. I couldn’t run very fast and needed to take quite a few walking breaks but I didn’t give up. I found an activity I could enjoy that was my own. This shocked me because I hated our 30 min timed runs during field hockey practice.


A couple weeks went by and I decided to download the Couch to 5k App on my iphone. It was nice having an actual plan of action while I was out there. Four weeks in my newfound sport started taking its toll. I was feeling pain and discomfort in my calves and feet and knew for a fact it was my sneakers. That’s when my mom recommended a running store her doctor referred his patients to. She emailed me their monthly newsletter and that’s when I saw an information session for one of their running programs. I was sold! The program was called No Boundaries and it was lot like c25k except you had coaches and other runners to lean on. I knew I needed this because knowing myself I’d burnout and give up. So I went down to the store got fitted for new shoes and joined the program.


Ten weeks later I ran my first 5k!

I can’t believe how far I’ve come since that cold morning in February. Not only have I continued running but I am down 66 pounds since giving birth to my son. I love what running has done for my body and my sanity.


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