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Healthy Summer Treat: Yogurt Pops

18 Jun

After seeing yogurt pops popping up all over pinterest the past few months I have been dying to make them. They are definitely a healthier alternative to your typical summer ice cream or frozen yogurt and the protein in Greek yogurt will keep you satisfied longer.






1) Add the Greek Yogurt and banana to a blender and blend until there are no longer chunks of banana. Pour the mixture into popsicle molds.

2) Next add fresh strawberries to the blender and do a quick pulsate. I added a bit of fresh squeezed lemon for a brighter/fresher flavor. Add the blended strawberries to the popsicle molds and use a spoon (I used a butter knife due to the size of the molds) to swirl.

3) Drop in blueberries and then freeze for at least 4 hours.


Get creative use different fruits and flavored yogurts, try sweetening with honey or agave instead of banana. Have fun!



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